Monday, December 12, 2016

Blog How, Why, What, Where, When, and Who

My stats have gone to hell since I don't make this space a priority any more.  So, I'm going to keep coming and rambling and continue to use it as what it started as, which was a digital scrapbook of sorts.  Hunter and I have a joke about memory boxes so this is it, my virtual memory box.

Stats have never been my motivation for Ohgabetta and that's okay.  I much more value the ability to talk, which I like to do, and write, which I also like to do.  I'm better when I wrote actively for leisure.  It's like with thoughts free flowing and taking even just 30 minutes for myself a day to write here, I'm more in tune and alert elsewhere.

I guess what's said about taking care of your own soul is good for the rest of you is correct.  I like it and I've always said I would do this blogging thing as long as it made me feel good and was a space made all my own.  Ta-da.

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