Monday, June 27, 2016

Homemade Sushi Bowl

Friends at my old work place used to grab sushi bowls from Publix on our lunch break. I never tried one myself but they looked and seemed delicious and were met with rave reviews from them.

A few weeks back we grabbed amazing crab meat at Freshfields Farm for a deal. I recalled this little memory of sushi bowls and knew I needed to make one. I love recreating foods at home that I learn of or try when out.  This one is surely a fave.

I made basic brown rice, sliced up cucumber and avocado, mixed Greek yogurt with siricha and bibbity boppity boo.  Delicious and healthy, hearty yet light.  It will be a repeat.  This is a good meal for nights Hunter craves something he only likes since I love sushi but he doesn't care for it.

Bon appetite, friends.  Hope the week is fabulous!

Let's meet again,

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