Sunday, March 6, 2016

Social House Restaurant

Last week was a long one.  I had incredibly extra long days at my office and then of course having your own business, you are never off the clock.  Then add in actually living a life that doesn't involve the work stuff, and yea Friday night I was exhausted.

I got home and decided cooking was not on the agenda so we headed out.  We are very selective for going out lately just because we watch what we eat/ingredients we eat and we honestly save so much more money when we adhere to at home cooking.  This can make the already inevitable couple car ride conversation of where to go even more exciting.  You know what I'm talking about:

 "I don't know, what do you want?" "Don't know, how about you?"

Omg, I would rather chew horse feed.  Anyways, we survived another indecisive session and went with a new spot in our local area called the Social House.  In short, me likey a lotty.

I went with the Buffalo Chicken Macaroni & Cheese, served with house made herb Ranch and a house made corn muffin, that had a lovely medley of herbs, which I believe to be Rosemary and Sage.  Hunt got the always classic Fish and Chips.  We both loved both dishes and would definitely go back.  Now, I will say I don't know if I'll go back on a Friday night at 9:30.  Why, you ask?

Because whether it's the newest place in the area, or every staff member displayed the ever popular hipster style, it was hopping with a very undergrad age crowd.  And it was loud.  Like, they had a DJ blaring and jamming and I apparently am old now loud.  Embarrassingly enough, I even covered one of my ears when we first got sat because I was overwhelmed by the volume.  I said it was a long week!  Luckily, I warmed up and was even bouncing along to the beats by the end of the meal.  I still got it.

To surmise, it is an awesome spot and the food was realll good.  I'm interested in going back for brunch because the menu looked bomb-food and drink options both!- and well, while I can't quite hang the same as I did on a Friday night, I sure can get down on a Sunday at 11am. #brunchme

Let's meet again,

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