Thursday, November 5, 2015

How I Holiday Decor

I love some holiday decor.  It's fun to mix and match consistent pieces for it and and exciting to switch out the ones that have their set calendar time.  Like my pumpkins for example.  I have a set of them that are used for spooky purposes first, then for grateful hearts right after.

Let the record show exhibits ...
A and A.5:
Halloween goodness     
Turkey Day decor
Also, let the record show further exhibits of love for Halloween decorating:
Witch, please
Even the tissues have monsters on them
Oh and D:
  Roni hates us, Pepper giggles, we take far too many pictures of this.
If you couldn't tell, my favorite time of year to decorate is for Halloween.  #givemeallthegoblins
I'm pumped to further enjoy this holiday season with high levels of gratefulness and plan to focus on love and happiness more than anything.  Happy beginning of the end of year holiday season and decorating to you and yours!
Until we meet again,

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