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The Help, Kourtney Kardashian, and a Digital Detox Walk into this Blog

I'm just stopping in here because I feel like I have a few minutes to myself to just babble.  These days babbling is hard to come by.  Who am I kidding; no it isn't!

-Our business is great and keeping us busy.  We have goals in mind for more and new plans always excite/terrify/keep me running in circles.  More to come.

-Pepper got her nails done this weekend and a fabulous bath.  Girlfran gets the pampering more than me these days!

-Roni spins while she does everything.  Specifically but not limited to: going down the 16 stairs to our front door; when eating doggie ice cream; and as she leaps down from the couch.  It's a miracle she didn't get my equilibrium.  Sister sister must not get dizzy dizzy.

-Kate Spade is my kryptonite and I am quite ok with this.  When I make my first mil, I know where at least half of its going. #halfkidding

-How To Get Away With Murder = new favorite TV show.

-Scott Disick is more than a moron for many reasons.  Like for real though, Kourtney is a straight fox, particularly after 3 babies.  Kick, kick, kick yourself silly boy.

-Friday night ambitions lately: takeout from our fave neighborhood sushi/Chinese spot, Property Brothers/Love It or List It, and feet rubbing.  See also: every day life ambitions.

-The Help was on TV tonight and while it is not my first time watching it at all, it captivated me as always.  This cast has to be one of the absolute best ever, ever!  I cannot rave enough.  Especially since this is one of those rare instances where the movie did the book justice.  Can I get an AMEN???

-Hunter and I celebrated being together for 8 years back in August.  A proper post of tribute to come, but I'll say this: I adore him with so much of my being.  I feel beyond lucky to say that after almost a decade with a person, he is my favorite to laugh with, bitch with, smile with, get frustrated with, and do it again and again every day.  Love is hard to come by and I think we're pretty fortunate to do life together.

-I turned 30 since I last stopped in here, another proper post to come on this. #30thingsIknow

-We woke up this morning and did our workout at 5am.  It was dark and felt amazing to knock out a few miles before the rest of the world got stirring.  I could get used to switching up my workout time of day to early mornings, y'all!

-We are detaching for Thanksgiving and I need books and board games!  I plan to take full advantage of not being as attached to technology for a few days.  Digital detox, party of one.

And with that, I shall be back another time for another tale.  Love and sunshine til then, people.

Until we meet again,


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