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Monday Motivation

I spruced up this ol'blog space today. This was prompted because I keep finding things that remind me how much I love writing.

The picture above is 3 gifted journals, which had become buried in a storage bin, that I've received over the years. These were from approximately ages 24-27 for me. For those late to class, I turn 30 in September. Talk about recognizing growth, yet appreciating what stays the same.

Ambitions and aspirations are consistent, better picker of battles apparent. Essentially, much like this blog land of mine, my hand written "posts" exemplify someone learning who they are and who they strive to be. There may or may not also be some consistent accessories talk. But, that's just muah.

Perfect timing to find these; today's Instagram Photo Challenge is #MondayMotivation. Hollaaaaaa!

All that said, I felt it necessary to give Ohgabetta a little L-O-V-E. Time for new journal pages to be drafted.


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What makes me happy...Blogtober Day 19

What a timely topic to write about, seeing as its Sunday, and I LOVE Sundays! They make me very happy.

Lots of things make me happy though. I am so thankful to say that! So in no particular order, allow me to kick back this beautiful Sunday and let some pictures tell you more about what makes me happy:

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My dear, If at first you don't succeed, throw on another accessory & try, try again

Off to try, try again!

Til we meet again,

Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink -Lilly Pulitzer

Today is a good day, my friends. Today means at the 6 o'clock hour I shall enter a four day weekend. Full of what, you ask? So far on the agenda is:

-trying out a very new and deliciously enticing restaurant known as Cooper's Hawk and Winery;
-finishing the rest of season 5 and all of season 6 for Sons of Anarchy-which is phenom BTW;
-and enjoying the beautiful weather we are projected to experience, with extra SPF of course.

I like to call this agenda a little something known as living the American dream indeed.

Oh and I'll be toting around my newly obtained Kate Spades. Surprise 75% off sale, what? I CANNOT wait for the tote! I'll give you a hint until I can show the new ol'gal off #baconeggandcheeseplease :):)

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