Saturday, May 2, 2015

Derby Day

In honor of Derby Day/Saturday Drinks for #20HappyDaysInMay, I celebrated just as my Poppy would have. Derby Day was his favorite, most favorite day ever! Always a betting man, he would ask for your bet on your horse as soon as you were awake, collect your bet, and be giddy throughout the day all through race time. His little feet would kick with happiness as they raced round that track and excitement was contagious to any person around him.

He also loved a roll with buttah to dunk in his coffee. I prefer tea. #danzigmoonforthewin #wedidntwin

Fact: You may have too many accessories when you happen to have a fascinator in your collection perfect for Derby watching:

Fact #2: What is this mythical thing mentioned of too many accessories? #thelimitdoesnotexist

My favorite bettin' bubsy:

Happy Weekending!

Until we meet again,

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