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Blogtober 2014: One Thing You Can't Live Without

The Daily Tay

Alright day 3 of Blogtober! Whoo! Let's just keep on RSVPing to this partay!!

This is an interesting topic, peeps. The first thing that popped in my mind would be an emotional "thing" and that thing is gratitude. I believe in the power of finding something good in every situation. I was just discussing this with my boss today and we both acknowledged a want to be find more gratitude in every moment. Life gets hard, and yes, some moments can be less than desirable, but even in these instances, there is opportunity to stand back and feel the power of gratitude. So that is my short and sweet, to the point, deep thought of the day.

Now, to reflect on one physical thing I cannot live without, I'm going to be real honest here: my phone. My god, I love my phone. It allows connectivity to every part of my life; I can reach any of my family and friends any time, access my fave social medias like Twitter and Instagram right in the palm of my paw, and even the simplest of things like the notebook function keeps me giddy. I enjoy this technology more than any other and it's safe to say I would barter one of the dogs for the use of my phone. Okay, I'm kidding. Maybe :)

Be back tomorrow with one of my top 3 favorite topics of all for this writing challenge!

Until we meet again,


  1. I love your interpretation, with gratitude, what a great thought! Happy weekend.

    1. Thanks so much! I think it's necessary to aim for it. Hope your week was wonderful :)

  2. I started writing my blog, day 3. Then I looked at yours and it put me to shame. You should know, you are a wonderful person :)

    1. YOU my darling are wonderful! Can't wait to stop by and read up, I am sure it's glorious :):)

  3. Yesss! You're on the VIP list if this part had a guest list :) and man, phones are the best.

    1. This challenge is so much fun! I keep going on and on and on about it to people :)

  4. Oh my gosh I love your answer! Gratitude is essential, as is grace. Love it! Happy Friday!

    1. Grace was the other that came to mind. Definitely solid choices! Thank you for stopping by, nice to meet you!


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