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There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed -Ernest Hemingway

Sometimes it's nice to come to this space and just go. Don't think, don't plan, don't have a picture to go with the outcome. Just be here. It's an open space that offers free range on anything you desire to talk about. Well, then, I suppose I'll go along with it.

I'll never understand people who criticize the president. Right, left, protects the rich, protects the poor; this person is our leader. Once elected, bullshit aside folks. Like it or not. As a country united, hence our title, sometimes it's okay to lean off a little and just support. It's like my grandma always says about her kids and grandkids, "I can say whatever I want to them and tell them it's ridiculous what they said or did but I'll be damned if anyone else will." We should all adopt some form of this logic. Not rip to shreds the person or take any opportunity to attack the "other side". I am no political expert nor do I wish/claim to be, but something seems so off about not supporting a voting system that we have chosen to keep in place.

I don't get why the words "gay" and "retarded" are used as fillers for "stupid" and something thought of as off. There are numerous better adjectives. I cringe so badly each time either of these is used.

It's a myth that you can't wear black/brown or blue/black together. A myth I tell you.

Hunting. Hunter does it. I respect what he and his family do because as he explains they "use every part of what they get". This is a true definition of the circle of life. Expand our minds and wa-la, respect is born. Amazing concept, right?

I have a new and exciting help guide downloaded to train as a consistent runner ready to go. Just waiting on the cold weather to lighten up so my lungs don't have one more thing against them, aside from the act of running.

My Pepper girl will be 11 this June. Where has time gone? She is vivacious girl as ever and I hope she stays so.

Ro will be 6 in March. That little baby hoof foot. Her attitude is fierce and I hope it too stays forever and always.

Flowers in the Attic on Lifetime. Premiered roughly two weeks ago? Umm, wow. The book, the first movie, this movie. Eek. Crayy-zee. Acting is majorly superb though from the whole cast.

I just reread this list and man am I random. But like I disclaimed at the beginning, that's what I felt like doing. With no game plan to post about, I went for it. What an interesting piece I've developed.

Til we meet again,


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