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So in true indecisive human fashion, I set an outline yesterday, mentioned a possibility I'd throw that outline right out the window and lookie lookie, one day later I'm doing just that. I disclaimed this would happen. I just know myself too well.

Anyhow, today I shall take a quiz. In a sorta-kinda way, this is telling a tale so I'd say I am only about 50% off the mark of my projected outline topic, which would be Thursday's Tell-a-Tale day. See? Life works out for $300, Alex!

For my quiz today, I am taking from one created by one of my blogger faves, Two Thirds Hazel, and pulling some questions from a little diddy she created a few weeks back.

Name: Megan K Hyde

Nickname: Mouse, Meggie, Boo, Moo, Bubsy, Hey Kid (kinda kidding)

I know it's a little weird but: I have NEVER eaten a PB&J. Ever.

You'll never see me: holding a cat. Severely allergic to 9/10 cats I meet. Not a big risk taker in this department.

I don't get enough: Digital detoxing

The best advice I've ever been given:
Ohhh good one! I got to go with 4 answers, I get alotta advice folks:
1. You're afraid of a dark room? So turn on the light. Are you afraid anymore
-Poppy and applicable to many aspects of life really and has honestly become something that comes to mind in numerous situations)

2. You want it? Work hard, be smart. Eye on the prize
-My Momma

3. If you can look up, you can get up-Poppy again <3 4. Don't take shit off anybody, you hear me?
-My auntie J when I moved away from my hometown to a bigger, badder city. Honestly, this advice has played into a few scenarios in all different ways and it has never left me in a bad spot.

My worst home life habit: Leaving laundry in the dryer

3 words to describe my personal style: Colorful, quirky, accessorized

I don't like: Bullying or pineapple. Gag to both.

The quote I choose to live by: If you work hard and are nice to people, good things will happen.

The beauty product I can't live without: Chubby lipstick and the spritz my stylist Marie got me into for my hair. Stuff works miracles.

This was so. much. fun! Def recommend this to everyone around you. Your mom, your teacher, your dog. My dog?!?! (1 million cool cat points to anyone who can tell me which scary movie this last line is pulled from).

Til we meet again,


  1. I highly recommend one of these ... (Also, stealing the survey)!

  2. haha! Girl, I just can't make any promises! My parents have tried since I was 7 but the medley doesn't call to me. Can't wait to read yours :)


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