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What if God was one of us?

That title has nothing to do with this post but it's a great song.

I want to write today. What I want to write is up for debate. I have so many thoughts and ideas and want to just type it all up and wrap it in a bow and gift it to blogland. But then...I sit....and stare...and wonder where to start. It's hard to make sense of things sometimes and take thoughts and morph them into sentences that make sense outside of your cranium. In my head space, these ideas are running free and happy in fields of sunshine and cupcakes. On this blog spot page though, they are huddled in the corner hiding away unsure of when to come out.

So, I know other bloggers often express similar stump days and do what they can to get around it. I also know I read a fabulous article once that I found through a Twitter link and it said that when faced with "writer's block" you should just start writing. Write whatever and see what comes of it from there. Well, here's to you fabulous article I once found through Twitter:

1) I wonder what Pepperoni do all day. If new to this space, allow me to clarify: these are my beautiful dogters, Pepper and Roni. Furry and fabulous they are, and boy do they have Hunty and I wrapped around their tales. Witch, please. I wish I was kidding. These girls have run of the castle all day long and they surely don't hold back when I have a random day off with them to see how care free they truly are, so I can only imagine when we aren't there the life they lead. They most likely have some trick perfected that allows them access to treats and I'm sure if any two gals can master living in a human world with no thumbs, it's these two. I don't trust it at all but yet I give in and pet their bellies more times a day that I'd ever like to admit. Woof.

2) I rarely talk about technically being engaged on here, aside from this story, but we are coming up on a year of this relationship status change. No matter if we decide to live as we are, which is happy and all I care about, or if we decide to head up some stairs or down an aisle to make this union differently titled, I must say I got a goooodddd ring to sport all day long. She's a vintage collaboration, Boo Boo picked her out all his self, and she's fabulous:

Just look at her dahling!(In my best dramatic actress of choice's sighing, exaggerated, squeal)

3) I think I have a nail polish problem. Meaning, I've been on a kick for so long where I cannot, repeat, I cannot paint my nails as one round of the same color. It's troubling y'all! I want to go back to fab chic some days but then I decide to add a kick of a complimentary color to a digit or two. This is my life. I've hit bottom:

4) I want LC bangs. As in, I to want blunt chop my hair to resemble what Lauren Conrad has going on. Fab-u-lous and yes, please. They are amazeeee. Don't believe it? Check out her hair in this ad for her Kohl's line, via pinterest, via

Such a decision a gal will make a time or ten in her life. To retrain bangs or let them split and part awkward, that is my question. Hmmm. It will cure my urge to chop the hair that is half down my back now. I know I'll regret it once I do it but I' of sweating in FL. Hot, hot, ugh hot. Bangs may just be my salvation to mix it up long enough to make it to winter.

5) Anddd this crazy train is coming to a stop. Please locate all baggage, small children, and discard your water bottles. I leave you with this from Pinterest:


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