Thursday, June 20, 2013

Well, lookie lookie here, the ol'gal hits ten!

My baby girl is ten today! I cannot even believe this day is here. My beautiful, oldest dogter, Pepper Ann Roberts. My angel-pudding-cake-punkin-strudel furball of deliciousness is all grown up. The love Hunty and I have for this beast, well, it is unmatched. She is our sunshine, my ol'gray face, and the most wonderful counterpart to her sista from another mista, Ro-Ho, aka the Roni to her Pepper. I'd like to look back at this amazing being in our lives and celebrate so many good times.

Without further a-do...The beautifulest girl in all the land!

Who? Me??

Yes, you! the pepper baby princess:

I mean, really.

To your next ten baby girl!
-the Dogmother

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