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Totally lovesy-bubsy post full of pics!

Hunter turns 28 today. I cannot believe I have known this guy since we were weee little 21yr old be-bees. I have to say, since the day I meant him, such a brief encounter, I have been drawn to him. Drawn meaning I knew he was a good soul. I don't know a lot in life but I know good souls.

At the time in my life when I met Hunter, I was transitioning into a place of steadiness and new self awareness. He truly could not have come into my life at any more perfect of a time. I have learned entirely too much from him and there is no way to say it then it is majorly into a place of good. Hunter is smart, charming, funny, kind, and he goes above and beyond on any task he sets out to do. It's ridic how wonderful he is actually.

He showed my Poppy his old streets in Brooklyn from his iPhone and even though Pop said "Ahh no. There were no trees, that's not it." Hunter did not give up nor did he even make a face that showed any aggravation like I probably would have done quite honestly. He wrote out detailed instructions for how to get on Ebay. He taped said instructions into pop's desk drawer and would refer him to it each time he would ask "where the hell he put that damn paper," thick NY accent in full effect btdubs. This alone, showed me the good person Hunter absolutely is.

Keeping with the same trend, Hunter also helps my Grandpa any time he sees him with various electronic adventures around his house too. At mine and Grandpa's last birthday lunch, those two characters drifted away to Radio Shack, Staples, and lord knows where else to find some cord Hunter was preparing to install for something with the TV. Really? Hunter, man. You're making the rest of us look bad here.

Don't get it wrong darlings. The man can drive me mad. I don't care if it is his birthday. If I find socks on my bathroom counter today I am going to burn them in the fireplace in this dead hot month of June we are in. MKayyyy?

Is it weird to have pictures to reference this? No? Okay, good.

"I love you" is when you do something for someone when they ask you to do something. "I will love you forever" is taking initiative. I didn't ask. Hidden away in our bedroom with my week's worth of research one Sunday, I was brought this amazing meal, that he stopped to do even though he had his mound of school work to get through. Poppy loved this guy for a reason.

He takes pictures of this because he thought of me. He supports in ways he does not even realize, I'm sure of it.

NY trip years ago, I mean. Come on now, the next sign ought to say Hus-by of the year, no?

Stevie Hunty Roberts, I am so in love with you!

Happy birthday you gorgeous dog father you!!

See? Dog father. Who else but an amazing person would allow for such ridiculousness?

Made it this far? Wow, thanks! Thank you for joining me on this particularly endearing/lovie gag fest :)

Happy Birthday Hunter!



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