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No beast, no beauty

Ahhh, my one day weekend is gone. I am on to the work week again and have a new course starting in school. I am feeling a bit exhausted and my to-do list is on point, meaning I need to be on point to get things done. One item I can knock off is to download one of the Lauren Conrad site's screen savers, which are created by the lovely Carrie Beth Taylor. I am super excited actually. I chose the pink tulips. It helps to beautify my space. Taking classes online and writing so much I am constantly "in my office," aka on my computer. I appreciate these beautiful illustrations being available and imagine these must be on every computer in the Lauren Conrad headquarters. Sounds like an absolutely inspiring and fabulous atmosphere. Now to move flowers around the house and into my creative nook/work space and I will be LC approved!

I finished my homework yesterday, about 12 hours earlier than my usual posting time frame. It felt good to wrap up the last two classes. We had the same instructor and this is the only time we will have this same one back to back. As for the early submission, I feel my editing skills growing. It is imperative to maintain this craft because the second I slow down, I am not as sharp. It's like I need to warm up, put my mind into motion and don't stop until a winning piece of written work is before me. Typical; journalism is my version of being an athlete. I'm actually quite okay with this. I think my favorite part is that editing is a work in progress. I have to stop and scribble down side notes, I am storing knowledge and retrieving it, and I have never felt so driven. My jist? Goals are a good friend of mine right now and I am loving the deep connection we are having.

To go along with my mind's clarity, my physical clarity is at the top of the peak and crossing right over. Getting out at least once a day for some good old fashioned sweat and hard pace is my other happy place. I can be in over my hair bows, dragging my wedges along the asphalt, and ready to scream with exhaustion, anxiety, and poof! Like magic, endorphins pick me up. Taking in my surroundings is so necessary and even if it's for a milla-second I stop and look around on a beautiful day, it brings me in. Reigns me right into the next ounce of gusto I needed.

Sorta random post today. I am feeling writer's block, if you will. The thing is I have so many ideas, so many directions I'm looking towards and some days it is just cool to stand back and type it up. I will possibly reread this post and feel like I need to change something or edit some more. I am going to resist this urge, at least for a while. It's good to keep it as it is to refer back to, to demonstrate evolution. I know one thing; while it is hard to open up and not sound stupid, crazy, silly, pretentious, arrogant, ignorant, dumb, ridiculous, or name any and every other scary adjective, I am organizing my thoughts. I am committing to my blog and not letting it become a back burner passion. I have so much to share, to work out, to figure out, and I need to do it. More importantly, I want to do it.



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