Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chicken & Garbanzo Veggies; It's whats for lunch

A healthy little lunch for a few days of work makes me smile. Being able to prepare ahead of time for multiple uses and I've got a super cheesy grin of happiness on display. I thought about this meal as a result of making a grocery list with itemized columns of Have (as in at home already) and Need. I also drafted a menu for our week. I've started doing this more and since we pretty much go to Publix often enough to keep the lights on in that joint, I'm a good budget-her ahead of time. Neurotic? Possibly.

Orange pepper, zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus garbanzo beans, over baked chicken tenders, Italian olive oil, Zesty Italian salad dressing/marinade, your basic every day condiments of choice (S & P, Garlic Powder, etc)

I cut up all the veggies mentioned above first. This is done for both the meal I'm talking about here and for the week for convenience. Make my day to day easy breezier? Absofreakinglutely.

Meanwhile, I brush Le chicken tenders with Zesty Italian dressing, and I get tenders because they're easy to dice up. In a small dish, I melt a teaspoon of butter and a cap full of Italian Olive Oil that I then add to a mixing bowl with the raw veggies, about 2 splashes of the Italian dressing, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a kick of some sea salt and ground pepper and wham, that's it.

I then place the veggies on a sheet of aluminum foil. Remember to add a mist of cooking spray, your choice, so no sticking occurs.

Lastly I go ahead and add home style, amazing Parmesan-Romano cheese that I shake over top from a spoon and let fall as it will on the vegs.

Whilst the chicky and vegs are baking away in their respective yet harmonic pools of flavor, I roast my garbanzos in a saute pan in about a teaspoon of o/o for 10-15 minutes on low heat. A sprinkle of garlic powder usually makes an appearance. I've noticed this offers a naturally toasty flavor of the garbanzo and it is quite complimentary with the other items.

Now this last pic of the delicious evidence is a bit wobbly. Part of it is steady and part came out shaky and I didn't realize it right away to amend this and be able to offer a proper picture. Oops. I layer all above discussed items then give 'em a good stir together.

Med-ley, my friends. I'm happy for lunch tomorrow already.

I'm hungry,

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