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MTV Movie Awards Day!

Pepper just bopped her head on the coffee table abruptly because Hunter turned the vacuum on upstairs. Roni is laying with her paw wedged into the couch cushion and her ears are flinching up and down as the vacuum alternates sound. I am sitting and waiting for towels to be ready to go into the dryer and the MTV movie awards to come on later. I have finished my homework, had a turkey sandwich, a tall glass of grapefruit juice, and now I am ready for a nap. It feels great to decompress and fancy the idea of a nap. I probably won't even sleep but to me a nap is rest; I rest. I like to day dream, watch Style Network and random movies like The Devil Wears Prada...again. And this weekend??? I even have my newest People Style Watch mag in and you can bet your silver dollar I will be submerged in it soon. I may even indulge in some fabulous baking to celebrate the day I get to utterly and totally kick back and just be here to enjoy.

Times like this do not happen all the time. In fact, I've got an extra busy few weeks ahead with family events, work and school of course and maintaining some extra activities. I recently started walking tons and this is one more thing I am occupying my time with. I walked 15 miles this past week. Feels amazing, by the way. It's easy to make excuses and push things aside. Making time to take the opportunity to get out pays off in so many other aspects of daily life. Actually, a coworker and I had a discussion recently and he made a good point about balance which helped me acknowledge this more. He said each and every day, you take one hour and do what you truthfully enjoy in between things you feel you have to do, then do it. It got me thinking more than ever how you should do this. The world we live in is so quick, so much is happening, and it is insanely easy to get away from simple joys. It's funny because as a kid when I was "bored" my dad always said "everyday can't be Disney." And every time he said it I would cringe while offering my best eye roll. This applies to adulthood in a new way. I long for the days of my past where my biggest accomplishment was tanning before class but after spin, then working for a few hours without a nap in between. I strive for days where I will find myself waking up to writing full time and checking on my personal business ventures.

I am an overall optimist and I do find more good in each day than bad, but some days are just plain ol' not fun. It can be hard not hearing my dad and his most obnoxious expression in my head. This is why it's important to take in what beauty you can find. For me right now it's getting outside and taking in as much natural amazingness I can make happen in an hour or two long walk.

Oh, what's that? Sex and the City on E network? Oh, alright. I'll be right there Sunday. With my freshly cleaned snuggie.

By the way, embrace your past but live for now---Beyonce just said this in a commercial and I like it.


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