Monday, March 4, 2013

School for this Fool

So grad school is Overwhelmed? Yes. Nervous? Yes. Happy to learn more than I ever could have imagined? Absolutely. I am in a program known as New Media Journalism and it is more than any journalist could want and I say this only one month of class in. I am embarking on the second month of class, which happens to be an entirely new class BTW, and am feeling the anxiety that comes with an accelerated degree program.

I graduate in one year and that is a thought sharp in my mind serving as motivation. However, I am learning already to take things one week at a time and not to jump too far ahead. I have wanted my master's since I was in undergrad and the reality of achieving this is too good of a feeling, despite the stress I am definitely experiencing. Here we go month 2! Let's rock.

Must succeed. Must learn lots. Must enjoy. And lastly, most importantly, must breathe.

Feeling studious,

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