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The Facts of My Life

Fun Stuff! Who doesn't like fun stuff? I love when bloggers do personally catered, factual posts. It's always neat to learn what similarities you may share with someone and where you differ. Also, in my case, I need a post NOT detailing the lives of my bitches aka literally my b's, the dogs. Without further ado or a woof, please allow some fun ramble about ol' MKH:

1. Saying I am an avid accessoriz-or and veryyy girly would be slightly understated. It's not uncommon someone will call and I miss said call, only to call back and apologize that this was due to me being in my closet matching and coordinating random jewelry/hair/purse/shoe bits. Just for fun by the way. I have been this way since birth. I knew how to apply lipstick by age 3 and was the only 1st grader rocking gold pinky rings and bangles with scrunch hair.

2. I have never, repeat, NEVER eaten a PB&J. Not a fan of peanut butter other than in candy randomly and didn't start to like jelly until a few years ago. One of the few times my dad tried to make my lunch in elementary school he offered this despicable choice and I looked at him like he just told me I was moving to Ecuador to conduct squid research. Um, no. Still have no interest and probably will always feel this way. It's become like my thing to share as a fun fact when the opp arises.

3. Things I'd like to do/achieve include: write for Glamour magazine or People Style Watch and create a book series for children; own a home that overlooks the Hills preferably something with old Hollywood history attached; attend the Grammys, Oscars, Golden Globes and a live Super Bowl-hopefully while Clay Matthews is still playing. Me-ow.

4. Like many, I make wishes if I catch an 11:11 moment. Sometimes they are pretty thorough wishes because I'm wordy, go figure, so I will go to 11:13, mainly because I like 13 better than 12. Perceptions just got weird, didn't they?

5. If I had the gusto to take steeper chances some days, I would throw all caution out the window and launch a one stop shop/business merging all of my main interests within its walls. Interested? Gotta wait and see once it goes into motion one day. Oh, it will happen.

6. Love me some party planning. In fact, since I am finding myself with a pretty big event upcoming, our wedding, I am mostly consumed with planning ways for everyone to walk away saying, "Hell yes, THAT was a fantastic party." Everyone says 'it's my day' so dammit if I want to cater things around super fun interactions rather than actual specified catering, I sure will. It's my party and I'll shy away from anything I'm not amused with if I want to.

7. Let's talk my favorite people. One word: elderly. I. love. anyone. over. 70. This is a die hard fact. Older people are wise, true to themselves and have great stories about everything from survival and determination to sure fire methods of advice they've practiced themselves. Or they know somebody said advice worked for. The elderly hold my heart and attention way longer than most. I would take talk about Norman Rockwell, Lucille Ball or the Depression all day.

8. Hi. Um, my name is Megan and I am, uh, a big fan of, um...well, I really like Criminal Minds. Hi Megan. Okay, we got that over. That was way easier than vetoing cheap glitter nail polish. What? You try getting that junk off in one sitting. Anyhow, I really, really enjoy this show. Although it creeps me out, makes me paranoid and I won't watch it without Hunter being home, it is my jam. While we're on the topic, let's knock out a few more genius developments I participate in watching: Big Rich Texas (and now Big Rich Atlanta. Swore I wouldn't get sucked in but what can I say? I prefer my drama via el television), Buckwild, Jerseylicious, Teen Mom 2, and Bad Girls Club. While it would appear I am a sucker for trash TV, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge which train wrecks I have NOT offered Neilson feedback for: The Bachelor, never,ever; any Real Housewives garbage; and plenty others. I am not a mutt for just any ol' smut.

9. I never planned on getting married. No this is not because of the age-old, obvious "I come from a broken home and nothing ever is forever" excuse. Please people, nothing is ever that simple with me. Just ask Hunter about me in general, our proposal story, any random Tuesday, you get the idea. Marriage plain old does not do much for me. Just has never been my thing and the fact that I am now finding myself as an engaged gal, marriage inevitably will follow. Or will it? Kidding mom, exhale please. I will say, and please brace yourself for my cheesy, shining moment, the idea of marrying Hunter Roberts is extraordinary. This is my person and if he thinks I'm somebody he wants to get legally roped with knowing my shoe collection, well I say we're getting married, y'all!

10. I can't possibly end on a sappy, happy note. Gagggg. So, complete opposite end of the spectrum, I have ugly feet. So.bad. I got my mom's pretty eyes and her ugly feet. I'm not hating on her, my own Nana, her own mother, used to joke with salesmen to just give mom the boxes for big as boat feet. For real, these are def not my best area to check out. Solution? Buy fabulous shoes. It attracts attention in a positive light for sure.

Well, there we have it folks. This was fun indeed. If you're at the opposite end of the spectrum and like 'Thank God this hot mess is done', that's cool too. The point is, we survived these 10 tidbits together so for that I must say Hollaaaa!

You go Glen Coco!


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