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Soooo okay. Recently I have been participating in Zumba dance class. It's fun, it's exhilarating, it will kick your arse. One of the few class type things for fitness I actually really enjoy going to. Spin class is also a personal, die hard favorite but I've had trouble locating a place that offers it without full membership. Other than these two types of classes, workouts are best outside, especially living in good ol' sunny FL. Just my personal pref.

I went last week for time number one with my friend from work. We had a great experience, laughed in between stumbling through the motions, sweated like maniacs and burned between 700-1000 calories just as beginners. Can I get an amen?? Is this not EVERYTHING we aim for? The correct answer here should be yes. Yes, it is.

I have to say too, this is an extra notch of accomplishment for muah, seeing as how I have zero dance class affiliation. Or with rhythm. But I'll come back to this. As a kid, my mother would sign me up for various things; baseball, tap, ballet, soccer, and Lord knows what else. True to form, I would wait until about, oh say the day before and would adamantly put my little cute dance shoe or cleat firmly on the ground to declare it wasn't happening. The only thing I followed through with was drama over summer. No, not hanging out with my friends bickering and causing mischief. That came years later. I mean actual acting camps, library programs to perform in plays, all that fun stuff. Me, the dramatic actress, go figure! This would be why my Nana affectionately refer to me as Sarah Burnhart.

While I am extremely a novice, determination fuels my fire. My friend and I joke and laugh but we truly give our all shuffling around and aim to be the people in the first row you can watch if you can't quite see the teacher. The ones who are fantastically really good at this already. As mentioned, my natural ability for rhythm is nonexistent so it's exciting to get to the bottom of what my problem is. It's so weird, it's like I get so nervous I completely freak out and freeze up. I have to be a good dancer, no? Just like my singing abilities, that I expertly demonstrate in the car along to Katy, Nicki, Mariah. I mean, come on. Obviously, I have mad talent deep inside and will one day fulfill my dream of frantically and skillfully rocking out via Jennifer Beal in Flashdance. AmIright? The cool thing is that so many members of the class are encouraging and keep saying don't stop!...You'll get it!...We were all new at one time...That type of kindness is so appreciated. Beyond words, appreciated.

I'm going to go ice my thighs now and wear my hair down since I can't lift my arms this morning. Given last week, I should be back to normal in about 72 hours. Thanks Izzy for the tips on dance class recovery. That's my girl sharing her tricks!

Over and out,
-Dance Diva Meggie


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