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Crashin' Fashion since '91

Supposedly Marylin Monroe said, "Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world." Some quote others for it but despite who said it, it's true. The pair that make you..sparkle, can be like no other. You want to feel the shiny and magnificent feeling associated with glitter. Some times even, you want to spin around in your fabulously, sparkly kicks and enjoy the glitzy glow as glory hits your sole. Even one better, some other form of special sparkle, possibly like these-

There is so much fun to be had, and yes plenty to conquer, when you dress to enjoy being who you are for that ensemble. I have always indulged in accessorizing. In my first grade class pictures I wore gold pinkie rings and made my mom braid my hair incredibly tight so my hair would be crimped perfectly. Yes, I said pinky rings, as in on each hand. What? It was the early 90's. Anyway, my miniature gold bangles really pepped up the awful, already chosen background- consisting of a plastic plant and a tall wicker chair, and demonstrated my ability to better any moment. I also wore a tiny gold crucifix daily. Um, precious!

As I encounter large flowers -pin style and headband equally welcome- or trendy, fun glasses I swoon over all the choices to style them. To say I love fun, bargain priced sunglasses is mildly calm. They are one of the easiest ways to revive your look and try new styles in such an exciting way. Example? Yes, let's!

Ahh, the memory of scoring these gems is upon me and look, instant mood booster. Confession? I'm actually wearing the glasses as I type today. I left my actual glasses at work. Those are great because they deflect the glare of the computer screen. However, since I do not have them with me and I have an awful sinus headache, plan B is a fab one indeed.

Really, there is no reason a person shouldn't experiment with fashion. It's glorious to doll up all glam style with some red lips and gold hoops on a Tuesday and then put your own hint of something towards a Jackie look. The key is to find a what inspires you and then tweak it to accentuate what you like more personal for yourself. If you adore the way Audrey Hepburn wore the daintiest of pearls but are weary to the stone, try a pair of precious bow studs to appreciate a slight twist on the original look. Love what you come up with in the now and altar what you decide wasn't quite 'it' for later.

Truth be told? I am proud of my seven year old self that I didn't let my mother talk me out of both rings. "Honey, are you sure both are the look you're going for?" Um, yes. Sure looking back, I understand now why my grandmother picked out a white, (faux)fur coat with a very strong resemblance to the one Jamie Lee Curtis wears in Trading Places from 1983 a few years ago. Not recalling? Let me catch you up. Jaime Lee Curtis is a hooker, Eddy Murphy is hysterical and Dan Aykroyd is genius. Regardless, it was a random, freezing cold FL night and it was then or never. Possibly should have chosen never but in all honesty it was really, really fun to try this look:
The coat is a mini so I paired with an empire waist floral skirt and silk blouse. I 'topped' the outfit with a pressed flower headband. B-o-o to the fact that the only pic taken was with a portable telly and is from 3-ish years ago. I should have left this out but it is such a good supporting example to what I'm trying to get across. And I typed it all out before tracking down the shot so we're gonna keep walking, and walking and we're walkingggg...Look, sparkly shoes again!

Fact: Playing dress up only gets more exciting as you age.

Boo yah.


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