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B-L-E-S-S-E-D---Do you know what that means???

While doing what the kids do, "tweeting", I came across the always charismatic, the always passionate, the always advice giving Rev Run. His tweets are igniting, insightful and quite frankly a breath of fresh air. Today's words were especially wonderful: "Count your blessings..You'll feel better..Seriously count them right now..It'll make you feel better." Now, these words are not too detailed, not hard to grasp and oddly calming. I did exactly as the Rev told me to do:

La Familia. As a whole they are crazy, wild, loving. They fight, bicker and but defend one another not in our bloodline. There is so much character in each of my family members (blood family or my Roberts family) it is infectious. I'm not right down the road anymore but this is probably why I absolutely appreciate and value them even more than I did when I was.

My loving and supportive Hunter Bear. He is truly a good soul and tries so hard at everything he does. He takes care of me and supports my every hope, even when I make it hard for him to do so :) (I-N-D-E-P-E-D-E-N-T, do you know what meanssssss??? Love that song!) He is funny and he doesn't take the same things I take seriously, so serious. He is my better half, indefinitely! Well, when I'm not wearing a fab flower brooch on that side, that is.

My friends. Near and dear a few stand. A time in my life prior to now it was definitely a mission to have quantity versus quality and boy did I grow up on that lesson! That's not to say the friendships I had at one time were not special or significant but now I have a much smaller inner circle and the way I value those relationships is like no other. I truly am thankful for my handful they say you can count in a lifetime.

My beautiful, gorgeous, smart, independent dogters. Without these crazy creatures of fur our life would be so....boring. Uneventful. Fur less. Seriously, we wouldn't have an ounce of fur in our coffee, on the lid of our leftovers for lunch at work, in my purse. It's a running joke that when I pack Hunter's lunch and put a cutesy note on the top, there is ALWAYS a piece of dog fur trapped under the tape I use to stick it on. My girls are exactly that: my girls. I cuddle with them daily, have bonds with each of their personalities and cannot imagine my life without their furry tails. My princess furry face (Pepper Ann) and princess furry tail (Talulah Roni) you forever hold momma's heart.

I am thankful for my job. A job with a company that is hiring when so many others are firing. A job that has benefits and holiday gift days and the growth potential within our company which is so high! The environment is such a creative one too. So many individuals with talents far beyond just working their lives away. Sure everyone does that too, but they live and breathe for something else as well. I appreciate this opportunity more than I realize sometimes.

The writing opportunities I am blessed to call mine are so great. I have this dream and I am living it! Who does that?? So many doors are waiting to be opened and so many moments are waiting to be had. I aim to keep working hard and hope to embrace all the wonderful things dreams can do for a person.

A couple extras not to be taken for even an ounce of granted:
---hot showers-there is never a bad time for one and the only thing that tops this blessing? A toasty warm towel to wrap up in when done!

---Blankets-our place has blankets galore. Nothing beats cuddling up with a nice fleece or the coziness under a down comforter.

---Having a home, not a house. We have love and struggle and food and a place that we retreat to and it's such a thrill to go out and about he world then say "I just can't wait to get home!"

---Let's be honest, I couldn't write about my blessings without at least a shout out to what keeps my head balanced (literally-without earrings I'd walk funny! The bigger the better :) ), my fingers and wrists brighter and my wallet open: accessories and shoes. My God the shoes, man!! I adore my collections and I feel very blessed this is something I can enjoy.

---Criminal Minds. If only the BAU was hiring, I would be forwarding my resume to Quantico yesterday! That show is really fun (despite the never ending race to stop and capture both psycho and sociopaths--depending on their level of unorganized or organized crimes--with the clock of life running low). The team deserves every bit of high viewership!

Whatever a person feels blessed for, embrace and be thankful. Rev Run, you are more than right.

Oh, and this gent. His name is Jasper Rockerfeller Horsegoat the 3rd and my mom got him as a gift and I will be making him one of my blessings come Christmas time when I see her. Isn't he glorious???


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